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Style is something that you have, and fashion is something that you follow.

Fall 2011 - Men’s Hair

It is all about the no fuss look yet again for the boys!

Sometimes, the “messy” look is more work than something more tailored, but it is totally worth it.

#1. Have an AMAZING stylist ( me, or anyone at Vivid, preferably. ;) )

#2. Have this amazing stylist give you a great, structured, texturized cut. This way it can be flat, messy, up, down, and will all look amazing.

#3. Don’t be scared to have a “hairstyle”. You’re an adult. A man. A man who cares about a visual - take advantage of it.

#4. If your hair can handle it, do not wash it every day. This will build up the dishevelled look even more

#5. Have the proper styling aids, starting with the correct shampoo for your hair type. Use a wax or a putty - if your hair is fine, use a minimal amount. If it is more thick, don’t be scared to really get it in there. Also, if hairspray is necessary, just use it. Get over your manly persona.

#6. Match is to your wardrobe and personality. Messy is in, but so is tailored and sleek. I will make an entry of this at a later date.

All in all, rock your hair. Have a great style - believe me, people notice.

Recommended products:

Joico Shampoo/ Conditioner ( various line depending on hair type - Body Luxe, Moisture Recovery, or maybe even Daily Care)

Joico Design Line Dry Spray Wax

Joico Design Line Molding Putty or Pliable Paste

Joico Design Line Flexible Shaping Spray

Look out for Joico’s new “Structure” line, coming in October!

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